Silicone bait Larva 3 "

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X-Larva 3
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This imitation of dragonfly larva works wonderfully year-round. Favorite food of both predatory and peaceful fish, this insect lives in all water bodies, moves along the bottom and aquatic plants relatively slowly, and easily becomes the prey of any of the underwater inhabitants who can swallow it. Silicone imitations of dragonfly larvae began to appear on the shelves of fishing stores only recently - it was not difficult to copy this living creature in all details.

Oddly enough, not exact copies of the insect work best - but those baits that are specially designed taking into account the peculiarities of perception of a predator. This is exactly what Larva is: a very realistic head and the thoracic part of the larva with thin legs transforms into a massive flat body, completely covered with ring ribs. A living insect does not have this - but such a surface of the body provides the most accurate imitation of the sensations of a predator that grabbed the delicate body of a real prey. The ribs are crushed in the mouth, they are in contact with the taste buds of the fish on the surface several times enlarged, highlighting the salt and the natural attractant included in the composition of the material. When he doesn't peck at anything, only Larva will help!

ИП.Емельянов А.В.
TM "Fanatik"

Приманки Фанатик

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